Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm gonna be on TV!!!

Studio 5 is a local Utah lifestyle show that is on channel 5 (KSL) Mon.-Fri. at 11:00 am MST. They feature the latest in crafting, fashion, food, interior design and general lifestyle advice. Basically, it's my favorite show ever. ;)

Well, they feature a 'Happy Homes' segment once a month about what in your home makes you happy. GUESS WHO will be featured??!!! I'm SOOOO excited!! (eeeek!)

On their show, they asked viewers to submit pictures of a cool, unique feature in their home that makes them happy. So I submitted a picture of the tree mural in Alice's nursery because I thought it was possibly unique enough to get on the show.

A month or so later, I got a call from the one and only Jill Grover or "Jilly Willy". She is a wonderful interior designer and makes these ( insanely adorable I-can't-stand-'em aprons that many of the stars have. ;) She informed me that Studio 5 loved the tree and that they would be coming to MY house the next week to film the Nursery!

It was a serious MAD rush to get ready just in case they filmed in any other area of the house.

They came and filmed on the 16th of February and it was tons of fun. It went a lot faster then I thought it would and she said it went really well so HOPEFULLY I didn't make a complete fool of myself. I have a lot of my great-grandmothers wonderful things displayed in Ali's room including her milliner's wooden head complete with pin marks still in it from the 1920's and also a French cracker jar from her wedding in 1928. I talked a lot about those things on camera because that really is the thing that makes me happy about the design of that room. The fact that Alice has so much heritage in her room makes me smile, literally, every time that I go in that room...along with the fact that there is the cutest baby in the world jumping and smiling at me from the crib.

It should be airing within the next couple of weeks so I will keep all of you posted. ;)
Meanwhile...I will be posting all of my fun 'Before and After' projects that I've been doing to beat the winter blues and get ready for the Studio 5 show. ;)

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