Monday, August 29, 2011

Ten years...

Ten years ago (on the 25th of August), I married the most wonderful man on the planet. He is unselfish, hard-working, kind, loving, compassionate, super smart (there is not a thing that boy doesn't know), he is able and willing to build (or paint) me anything, and well...lets face it...he's pretty darn handsome too. I love him more today then the day we got married. How's that for cliche??...but it's true all the same. He has given me such a beautiful life. He has given me 4 beautiful babies. He is the best father I know. I don't know where he gets the energy to wrestle with them after a long, hard day at work then turn around and still do the dishes. They adore him. And so do I. He means the world to me. He will tell you that he is the lucky one. Then I will say that I don't deserve him. 
After we drop the kiddos off at my Brother and SIL's house (who so very graciously agreed to take them for the night. THANK YOU, SIS! The 1st stop is Tucanos Bazilian Steak House for dinner

Mmmmm...This cake was to die for. And that's a pretty good way to go. We took it to the hotel room and ate it in bed. :)

The amazing hotel room that my husband picked out in Park City. It was beautiful!

We went swimming past the pool hours. Shhhh... it was fun being sneaky.

Breakfast at the Cafe

We went down to the old Historic District of Park City. SO cute. We found a really cute antique shop. I was in love with these tiny books.

Old houses in the Historic District of Park City.

Relaxing in the Hotel Room

Riding up the tram to go down the Extreme Zipline...this is where I start getting nervous.

I'm only smiling to hide the fear.  The door in front of me flys open and I may or may not have screamed....really loud.

Look at those lips...and that scar on his chin gets me every time. {sigh}

Yes...we went to the shooting range for our anniversary...after spending hours shopping at the outlets in Park City of course.  See? After 10 years, we've learned to comprimise. I was shooting a pistol here but I really hated it. It had too much recoil and I didn't feel like I had enough control. I tried the Glock next and really loved it. Glocks are what the police use. I felt way more comfortable using that.

There's my manly man shooting my Glock...actually that's a rental. My Glock is much smaller. And don't worry. Yes, we do have an actual gun safe that is impossible for the kids to break into.

Don't mess.  You do NOT want to break into my house. Jake's is on the left & mine is on the right.

We stopped by to look at the beautiful South Jordan Temple on our way to see Matt Townsend. He is a relationship coach that puts on these "Date Nights." It is seriously, seriously hillarious. I think I may have peed a little.  Even Jacob was rolling.

And that was our weekend get-a-way. It was perfect and I fell in love with my hubby all over again.