Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall Family Shoot 2010

So there was this girl who fell in love with this absolutely dreamy boy... They made 4 little angels and are living HAPPILY EVER AFTER.
I saw this old barn. On the side of the road. It made the most perfect photo session backdrop. I had such a fun time shooting and editing these! Gotta love the self-timer! ;)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Warning: There are about 4 events taking place here, these pics are WAY out of order...but don't worry, I'll guide you through it...

Pumkin Carving: (Event #2)The rest are at the bottom but it really sucks trying to drag them all down there... so here you go.Ry started out the evening with a bandana on his head. You will see through the progression of the pictures that he looses that along with his shirt... (????)Trev REALLY loved his pumpkin. ;)

Pretty sweet pumpkins, I must say... My fav was the cupcake I did on Ali's pumpkin.

Trick or Treating!! (Event #4)
(on Saturday, the 30th. Cause that's how we roll in Utah...)

(Trev is pointing at the rest of our group and crying because they are already moving on to the next house and I am being a mean mom and making him take a picture instead. haha!)

Angela and I are troopers. Trick-or-treating in the rain and everything!

My little Ice princess... We changed up the make up from the Trunk-or-Treat. He original Tiara also broke so we had to swing by the Dollar store...

Our band of umbrella'd Trick-or-treaters!

Ward Trunk-or-Treat!! 

Is this NOT THE CUTEST costume you've EVER seen?!! Thank you, Old Navy!!Even little Peacocks get hungry sometimes... ;)

(Excuse the wierd smile and slumppy-ness)

Just in case you are wondering... I was a cow-girl, Lizzy was an Ice Princess, The boys were Bumblebee and Optimus Prime and Jake was "Sam" from the Transformer movie. (hehe, He just put on a hoodie. ;)Ry's BFF, Jason. ;)It's tough being the cutest little Peacock on the planet.

Real tough...


(Event #2)

Look at that concentration!

We stopped at the fabulous Krispy Kreme for dessert after picking up our pumpkins. (Event #1) ( I don't have any pics from the pumpkin patch because I'm an idiot and accidently deleted them...I cried...)

K...back to pumpkin carving...