Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Sissy came to Play!!

I had the most wonderful couple days with my sissy, Heather who came all the way from Virginia. We had a blast giggling, stuffing our faces with naughty snacks, making beautiful gumpaste roses, doing a photo shoot with her oober-cute baby, swapping recipies, eating more naughty snacks and more. Love you sister!

They totally look real, huh?!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Perfect Spring Friday Afternoon

My Bleeding Heart plant is finally in full bloom!A Shaved Ice truck rollin' down the street and blaring Jamaican Music. AWESOME!Jake was pretty excited. He LOVES shaved ice.
What a BLESSED life we lead. ;)

Self-Serve flavors! Genius!

I love our street...

A perfect spring Friday afternoon wouldn't be complete without an afternoon nap while waiting for mamma to finish dinner. ;)

Trying to hang with the big kids. ;)

"Look, Mom! A Rolly-Polley!" {Drops it in my lap...} Thanks big guy...

Blue Sky. Blue Eyes

The Neighborhood "Biker-Gang". Sweet boys.

Typical Ryan. I LOVE this shot.


My Sweet Ry-guy