Friday, March 4, 2011

Before and After Demask Chair

This first 'Before and After' is a fantasic treasure because it was FREEEEE! It is a chair that my wonderful friend just GAVE to me!! After pulling out HUNDREDS of staples, removing the ugly early 90's fabric and taking out quite a few studs... Here you go. I originally wanted to do a zebra print because I thought it would photograph so wonderfully but then I spotted this Demask pattern in the fabric store and gasped. It was quite the splurge at $14.99/yard (and that's on sale from $19.99!) but I think it was so worth it since the chair was free. I basically used the fabric that I pulled off the chair as a template for cutting out the Demask fabric. Also, you need to pay attention to your pattern when you are cutting so that you can center it on the chair.

Here is the before in all of it's early 90's glory. ;)After a coat of high-gloss black spray paint and the super-lovely Demask pattern, here she is:
Oh yeah, and I made an ubber-cute round pillow to add depth, texture and bling. The center is actually a belt buckle from a second hand store. hehe.
Chair: Free!
Fabric: $17.00
Trim: $4.00
Staples: $3.00
Total cost: $24.00 buck-a-roos, baby. ;)

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