Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Wonderful SIL

The other weekend, Jacob's sister came to visit. Let me tell you a little about this lady...

My kids {ADORE} her...She is just {BEAUTIFUL}{Ali loves her reflection so much that she decided to give herself a little kiss.}

She was such a {TROOPER} when she caught the flu from us... We are SOOOO Sorry, Court!

She makes my kids {GIGGLE}She brought this little {CUPCAKE} with her

She holds thier {HANDS}

She has the {Hottest} brother ever!

She is {Nae-Nae} to this little thing.

And the mommy to this {PERFECT} little thing. ;)

We had a litte bit of this... ;) {It was pretty funny}
A {LOT} of this...
And this...And some of this... {Uncle Jay feeding her apples}.

We loved to use Uncle Jay as a {JUNGLE GYM}. ;)

We had one of {THESE}.

{Court is gonna be so mad at me. She absolutely dispises snotty noses and I practically had to hold her down in order for her to let me take this picture. ;) }
Ali {along with the rest of us} were really sad to see them go...
*Thank you so much Courtney for always taking the time and opportunity to visit your family. We love you so much!

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