Friday, June 10, 2011

Ladder-Back Straw-Seat Chairs

I get so excited when I find wonderful furniture finds!! I found these beauties on KSL (Utah's Craigslist) and COULD NOT pass them up. They warm up my dining room with their beautiful wood and textured straw seats. I'm not even going to TOUCH them with a speck of paint. I love their color and thier worn lovelieness. ;) I got 4 of them for only $45.00! It was a steal and we REALLY needed chairs for the dining room...we were sitting on folding chairs until I could find the 'Perfect' chairs. ;)...and I did. I'm new to the furniture world so if anybody knows what type of chairs these are or what time period they came from, I would love you forever for educating me. ;) For now, I am calling them: "My Beautiful, Wooden, Ladder-back, Straw-seat' chairs. It's a long name, so I'd appreciate knowing the correct term. ;)

1 comment:

  1. These chairs are gorgeous. Our Pier One ladder back chairs with straw weave seats (from 22 years ago) are starting to fall apart one by one and I still love them.
    These are a terrific find. Beautiful contrast of the straw and darker wood. Love the knobs on the top.