Monday, November 28, 2011

Trevor turns 5!!

Trevor turns 5!!

The story behind why Trevor has a garbage truck cake is this: He reeeeeeally wanted a toy to go on top of his cake. Ugh. Putting plastic toys on cake is against my cake religion. But he flashed those dimples and I had no choice but to give in. We went  to pick a toy out and this is what he came up with....??? K. So this cake was born from the garbage truck inspiration. He loves garbage trucks so I'm not suprised. Every Wednesday morning I hear his feet running down the entryway to get a look at the garbage truck that is picking up our trashcans. :)


He thought it was hilalrious to eat the fondant garbage cans. :)

Yes, the chant:  "BITE THE CAKE!!" could be heard all throughout Chuck-E-Cheese.

Jake scored a bunch of tickets for him.

The "Roller Coaster" ride. They thought it was so funny.

Trev is blurry because he is jumping up and down at all the tickets his Daddy just won for him.

There was lots of dancing to be done in celebration of Mr. T's 5th B-day.

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