Monday, October 17, 2011

Pick-a-Pumpkin/Haunted House

This year we went to Day farms.  We got to take a tractor ride out to the HUMUNGO pumpkin patch and snatch our own GIGANTIC pumkins off the vine. It was...perfect. :)


Later that night, Jake & I took Lizzy to a Haunted House. Not just any Haunted is one of the best in the country! She BEGGED and BEGGED us to take her. We tried to explain to her that it was way to scary for her. She was not to be pursuaded. So then we tried to prep her. We showed her behind-the-scenes videos from thier website and that made her more excited. She really liked the pre-show. She really liked the decor. She liked the Haunted House until about 3 steps in...then she turned to us and said: "I wanna go home." hahaha! This is what I was trying to avoid. This place is NOT cheap but we splurged to satisfy her fancy. I knew this would happen. Lol. So we laughed and Daddy carried her through the ENTIRE Haunted House. She got brave and strated looking around {still being held by daddy of course}. She really didn't like the actors coming up to her so she looked when we told her to look & hid her eyes in Daddy's neck when we told her to. She ended up having a good time and said at the end of the night: "It was really fun but it was really scary." She currently has not plans for a return trip in the near future and has not had any nightmares. I think she's learned to listen to mommy & daddy from now on. :)

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