Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Pictures do not do these landscapes justice... They are larger than life and SO amazing. You have to see it in person. I know I'm a sap, but I would sometimes get emotional when we would suddenly come up on a landscape and it would just overwhelm me with how beautiful it was. Ryan would keep saying: "Mom, It looks like a painting!" Trevor just loved running around outdoors and seeing the animals. Lizzy just soaked up the entire experiance collecting a little something from everything we saw so that she would have something to remember it by. The best part was that all of them just couldn't wait to get back to the trailer and play games or sit by the campfire. ;) Going late in the season (Aug. 28-Sept.1) was wonderful because it was damp and crisp and during the day it was a perfect 60 degrees. We put on our fleece and sweaters and headed out into the most beautiful place on Earth. It was the PERFECT introduction to fall. On the last day, it actually snowed, so we headed out early and spent the day at Bear World in Rexburg which was SO fun! We drove through the bears (no fences!) and they had the most amazing petting zoo and even cute rides for the kids! We also had such a great time just as a family. We wanted to go with friends but it didn't work out and I am so glad that it didn't. We spent quality time together every night and shared the most amazing views and experiences with eachother. It was a perfect family vacation.
The Grand Canyon of YellowstoneLower Falls


Open Meadows

Mud Valcanos (very stinky, btw)

Fun and Games

Bridge Bay Campground (where we stayed)



LeHarper's Landing(?)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ryan's Ink...

Ryan has announced that he will be opening a tatoo shop (actually he said "Body shop")
...So come on by if you want some "Ink".
Yeah, He's pretty good.

Ryan is obsessed with drawing tatoos on his body with marker lately...

...even on his face....
He thinks its so "Cool, Mom".

He is limited to washable markers only....

Good thing school is out...
He let me do this one because he loves me...and because I give him cookies and cupcakes. ;)