Monday, November 7, 2011

Some of my favorite memories of Christmas are....

{aside from reading the Christmas Story from the bible on Christmas Eve}

Night Vision goggles

I got Jake a Karaoke machine for Christmas...What have I done???...

Lizzy's Home-made Blackberry Peach Jam that we made from the Blackberries that she harvested from her own blackberry bush and then stored in the freezer.

Watch out...Lizzy got a sewing machine from her Namma!
Trevor played ALL day with his Geo Trax set. :)
Just waking up

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Lizzy went as a 'Vampire Cheerleader' this year. This was all her own concept. She specifically wanted hot pink and black. She knew exactly what she wanted to look like and looked over my shoulder through the entire costume-making process to make sure I got it right {in the sweetest way possible, of course}. 
I bought the turtle-neck & black skirt from Wal-mart
Made the cheerleader vest. {Don't look too closely at my awful sewing skills. I am a very sloppy sewer. :)} Lizzy loved the pink sparkly material. We made the skirt more "cheerleader-ish" by glueing the matching white ribbon around the edge & cutting the toole to show it off.
Then I just made a hot pink tu-tu to go underneath the skirt to make it more "vampire-ish".  The toole was on sale for only $2.50 a spool! Lizzy wanted zebra stripes incorperated for some reason so I grabbed my left-over zebra striped ribbon and tied them into cheer bows. :)

The coolest Ninja on the block.  I was so happy with his choice because this costume was one of last year's Christmas presents. Score!

Ali went with the cheerleader theme as well. :) This was Lizzy's old costume. Another score! Mr. T originaly wanted to be a 'White Ninja" to go along with Ryan but while we were in the dollar store looking for Ninja wepons, he happened upon a gun and badge and so he became a cowboy.  Totally fudged the vest. I'm not kidding when I say that I'm NOT a good seemstress. :) The trim was something I found at Hobby Lobby while looking for fabric for Lizzy's costume.

Mr. T with his BFF. Cowboys and Aliens!! Hahaha! Didn't even plan it. :)

One more with attitude. :)