Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Roses & Wildflowers...

Fresh flowers make me so happy. Especially when they grow right outside my kitchen window. I think I might just have to  plant a few white rose bushes out in my front planter bed. They just give my home that lovely, luxurious feeling. Oh, I had to include a picture of my wonderful new kitchen in the evening. I think it looks best in the evening. :) I get to relax, watch my favortie DIY shows, blog-serf or read a great book to this view.... How blessed am I?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kitchen/ Living Room/ Entry Way Reveal!!

So I am FINALLY ready to post pics of the upstairs after so many decicion changes and re-painting and "style-searching" from within myself. I was so lost for so long. Then I started watching HGTV and looking at all these fabulous blogs and I think I've finally found MY style. 
So, here are the 'Befores'... 

And for some reason, I commited this paint attrocity to my walls...Asian phase?? Ugh. And that awful fake tree?? Lame.

And here is the 'After': 

The style that I had in my head was sort of a "French-y, rustic style with a bit of Industial {pot rack, wood crate, sunburst mirror}
My husband made my WONDERFUL pot rack {complete with lighting}as an anniversary present last year. I was so in love with him for making this for me. ;)
If you are in the Utah area {Davis County} then go to: and contact us for some wonderful CONCRETE countertops. For our kitchen, we did a faux Marble look and it turned out perfect! The flooring is also concrete, btw.
**Help NEEDED**
I'm not so sure about this {blue-ish}grey and green color combo...does it mesh well??
My hubby says he "likes" the green, but really, I think he just doesn't want to re-paint. I'm so stuck on what to do...

Sunburst Mirror tutorial HERE

So...What to do up here...I feel it needs somthing just to tie it all together. Maybe some moss??? HELP!

I would love a Kitchen table that looks just like THIS one from RED HEN HOME. Wouldn't that be just SO perfect??!!

That empty frame up there will recieve a vintage map with pinpoints of our vacations together as a family.

Notice the tear in my newly re-covered barstools?? Yeah...that would be the work of my 4 year old...

I'm only 5 feet tall so please excuse the foot stool that I forgot to remove before taking this picture. ;) Also, that wierd, fake plant behind the chair will be removed promptly. ;)

Entry Way in love with this backsplash!

My Lovelies

Disclaimer: These couches are NOT my first choice, but I have a hubby that loves them and prefers comfort above all else... If I had the green light, I would put these in the basement and get new couches in a heartbeat. But what to get??? I'm stuck on that too...

When buying fresh flowers every week is not an option, why not tame the crazy mint patch in the garden?!

Obviously, the frame wall needs to be filled...I'll get to that...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ladder-Back Straw-Seat Chairs

I get so excited when I find wonderful furniture finds!! I found these beauties on KSL (Utah's Craigslist) and COULD NOT pass them up. They warm up my dining room with their beautiful wood and textured straw seats. I'm not even going to TOUCH them with a speck of paint. I love their color and thier worn lovelieness. ;) I got 4 of them for only $45.00! It was a steal and we REALLY needed chairs for the dining room...we were sitting on folding chairs until I could find the 'Perfect' chairs. ;)...and I did. I'm new to the furniture world so if anybody knows what type of chairs these are or what time period they came from, I would love you forever for educating me. ;) For now, I am calling them: "My Beautiful, Wooden, Ladder-back, Straw-seat' chairs. It's a long name, so I'd appreciate knowing the correct term. ;)