Thursday, June 2, 2011

Before and After Dresser

{Sorry for the lame pics...}
I REALLY did not like this dresser and was actually about to throw it out.
I didn't even think D.I. would accept it...

My Hubby got his hands on it...
I wanted more height to it so he built a box to put on top of it and then added a wooden embellishment to make it more {FANCY}. He even PAINTED it for me {and he really hates to paint-he must REALLY love me. ;) We didn't know what type of finish this dresser had on it so he used a oil-based primer which I LOOOOVE because it requires no sanding and you can use ANY top coat with it. I think it may be my new favorite thing...

I added some lovely little knobs {the knob on the door is actually shaped like a victorian rose)from my FAV store, Hobby Lobby and viola!

It went so lovely in my Baby Ali's Nursery.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Wonderful SIL

The other weekend, Jacob's sister came to visit. Let me tell you a little about this lady...

My kids {ADORE} her...She is just {BEAUTIFUL}{Ali loves her reflection so much that she decided to give herself a little kiss.}

She was such a {TROOPER} when she caught the flu from us... We are SOOOO Sorry, Court!

She makes my kids {GIGGLE}She brought this little {CUPCAKE} with her

She holds thier {HANDS}

She has the {Hottest} brother ever!

She is {Nae-Nae} to this little thing.

And the mommy to this {PERFECT} little thing. ;)

We had a litte bit of this... ;) {It was pretty funny}
A {LOT} of this...
And this...And some of this... {Uncle Jay feeding her apples}.

We loved to use Uncle Jay as a {JUNGLE GYM}. ;)

We had one of {THESE}.

{Court is gonna be so mad at me. She absolutely dispises snotty noses and I practically had to hold her down in order for her to let me take this picture. ;) }
Ali {along with the rest of us} were really sad to see them go...
*Thank you so much Courtney for always taking the time and opportunity to visit your family. We love you so much!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Sissy came to Play!!

I had the most wonderful couple days with my sissy, Heather who came all the way from Virginia. We had a blast giggling, stuffing our faces with naughty snacks, making beautiful gumpaste roses, doing a photo shoot with her oober-cute baby, swapping recipies, eating more naughty snacks and more. Love you sister!

They totally look real, huh?!